Use Boosted’s custom stickers to inform people about new offers.

Added in v5.2.0


39.99 € Per month

<div class="sticker">
  <p class="mb-0">
    <span class="display-3 mb-0 d-block">39.99 €</span>
    <span>Per month</span>

How it works

A sticker is basically a rounded container. All its content is centered horizontally and vertically.

A max width is set for this content so that it fits easily within the circle.

We provide a set of stickers examples representing several use cases.


This flexibility means that the stickers can vary from the design specifications regarding the vertical positioning of content.

For a better rendering you can use our margin utilities or even CSS.

Font sizes and responsiveness

All the provided examples use our text utilities to facilitate the understanding and to match the examples from the Orange Design System in desktop mode.

Please be aware that those examples are not meant to be responsive because they will always depend on the context. Indeed the font size will be resized in small screens due to the text utilities. If you do not want this behavior, you could for example set fixed font sizes and add some responsive rules by using scale() CSS function.


Fancy larger or smaller stickers? Add .sticker-lg or .sticker-sm for additional sizes.

Don’t forget to adjust the size of the content.


<div class="sticker sticker-lg">
  <p class="mb-0">
    <span class="display-1">New</span>


<div class="sticker sticker-sm">
  <p class="mb-0">
    <span class="h2">New</span>


Since stickers only provide a container, accessibility becomes specific to the sticker content:

Focus on one use case

39.99 € per month instead of 69.99 €

<div class="sticker">
  <p class="mb-1">
    <span class="h3 mb-0 d-block text-decoration-line-through" aria-hidden="true">69.99 €</span>
    <span class="display-3 mb-0 d-block" aria-hidden="true">39.99 €</span>
    <span aria-hidden="true">Per month</span>
    <span class="visually-hidden">39.99 € per month instead of 69.99 €</span>



Added in v5.2.0

As part of Boosted’s evolving CSS variables approach, stickers now use local CSS variables on .sticker for enhanced real-time customization. Values for the CSS variables are set via Sass, so Sass customization is still supported, too.

  --#{$prefix}sticker-size: #{$sticker-size-md};
  --#{$prefix}sticker-font-weight: #{$font-weight-bold};
  --#{$prefix}sticker-background-color: #{$brand-orange};
  --#{$prefix}sticker-content-max-width: #{$sticker-content-max-width-md};

Small and large sticker modifier classes are used to update the value of these CSS variables as needed.

    --#{$prefix}sticker-size: #{$sticker-size-sm};
    --#{$prefix}sticker-content-max-width: #{$sticker-content-max-width-sm};
    --#{$prefix}sticker-size: #{$sticker-size-lg};
    --#{$prefix}sticker-content-max-width: #{$sticker-content-max-width-lg};

Sass variables

$sticker-size-sm:                       $spacer * 7;
$sticker-size-md:                       $spacer * 9;
$sticker-size-lg:                       $spacer * 14;

// Considering @use "sass:math", math.sqrt(2) / 2 is approximated to 0.7071067812
$sticker-content-max-width-sm:          $sticker-size-sm * .7071067812;
$sticker-content-max-width-md:          $sticker-size-md * .7071067812;
$sticker-content-max-width-lg:          $sticker-size-lg * .7071067812;