Use our custom range inputs for consistent cross-browser styling and built-in customization.

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Create custom <input type="range"> controls with .form-range. The track (the background) and thumb (the value) are both styled to appear the same across browsers.

Progressive enhancement

Only Firefox supports “filling” their track from the left or right of the thumb as a means to visually indicate progress — so Edge, Chrome and Safari won’t show it, and it’s perfectly fine.

<label for="customRange1" class="form-label">Example range</label>
<input type="range" class="form-range" id="customRange1">


Add the disabled boolean attribute on an input to give it a grayed out appearance, remove pointer events, and prevent focusing.

<label for="disabledRange" class="form-label is-disabled">Disabled range</label>
<input type="range" class="form-range" id="disabledRange" disabled>

Min and max

Range inputs have implicit values for min and max0 and 100, respectively. You may specify new values for those using the min and max attributes.

<label for="customRange2" class="form-label">Example range</label>
<input type="range" class="form-range" min="0" max="5" id="customRange2">


By default, range inputs “snap” to integer values. To change this, you can specify a step value. In the example below, we double the number of steps by using step="0.5".

<label for="customRange3" class="form-label">Example range</label>
<input type="range" class="form-range" min="0" max="5" step="0.5" id="customRange3">



$form-range-track-width:          100%;
$form-range-track-height:         .375rem;
$form-range-track-cursor:         pointer;
$form-range-track-bg:             $gray-300;
$form-range-track-filled-bg:      $primary; // Boosted mod
$form-range-track-border-radius:  null;
$form-range-track-box-shadow:     inset 0 .25rem .25rem rgba($black, .1);

$form-range-thumb-width:                   1rem;
$form-range-thumb-height:                  $form-range-thumb-width;
$form-range-thumb-bg:                      $white;
$form-range-thumb-border:                  $border-width solid $black;
$form-range-thumb-border-radius:           50%;
$form-range-thumb-box-shadow:              0 .1rem .25rem rgba($black, .1);
$form-range-thumb-focus-box-shadow:        null; // Boosted mod
$form-range-thumb-focus-box-shadow-width:  $input-focus-width; // For focus box shadow issue in Edge
$form-range-thumb-active-bg:               null;
// fusv-disable
$form-range-thumb-active-border:           $component-active-bg; // Boosted mod // Deprecated in v5.2.0
// fusv-enable
$form-range-thumb-disabled-bg:             $gray-500;
$form-range-thumb-transition:              background-color $transition-duration $transition-timing, border-color $transition-duration $transition-timing; // Boosted mod: no box shadow